Truth and Beauty Bombs (__missworld__) wrote in crayzeewhitman,
Truth and Beauty Bombs

Second Semester (again)

Who has Journalism this semester? I'm just curious to see how it's going *sob* without me!
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I have it again, and so far it's okay, but Ragna and I talk a little too much :)

I'm in charge of screaming "That's sexist!" but she's thinking of asking Ian to.

I don't have to do ANYTHING, yuup, lucky me, haha.
Today I started crying, haha, I was remembering all the good times, and I was like "I even miss Blaaaise", it was pretty depressing.

Daniel and Jenna are there to share the freedom with me, but it's not the same without the rest of you, boy do I miss your constant bickering with Blaise, and Dylan always talking to me about his shoes. *sigh* Good times, good times.
Yes, Dylan loved those shoes... And guess what? I don't miss Blaise. (Big suprise there.) I wish I had Journalism instead of Science! I think Staheli hates me. I kept asking him questions about the Sex Ed. portion of the class.