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i love whitman. im going to miss it soo fricking much next year. these have been three really interesting years. i ill probobly never forget them....probobly. whitman just all around rocks. where are you going to go next year? will you miss it too?
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I'll miss the people more than the school
Okay, let me ask you something. What the hell kind of person enjoys Whitman? These past three years have been the absolute worst in my life, hands down. And you fucking on something? Yeah, I know this sounds cliche but Whitman is my idea of hell. Dumbasses. I won't miss any of the people because those I liked I'll make a point of seeing and I can count those people on one hand. In fact, I'm suprised to see myself graduating from Whitman without more anti-depressents and anger management drugs in my medecine cabinet.